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Our method is driven by two fundamental principles: No boredom and no difficulty.

No boredom

When studying a foreign language, it's important to practice.

While most people can find native speakers or other students with whom to practice, practicing is often boring. Why? Because without sufficient vocabulary we can't talk about what interests us.

Traditional language programs enable learners to have boring conversations with any foreign speaker. As their skills improve, they can discuss more interesting topics.

Our method resolves this problem by encouraging learners to use English in their foreign sentences from the beginning. As the learners' language ability improves, the level of English they use decreases. Since most learners practice their foreign language with bilingual speakers, they can have interesting mixed language conversations from day one.

Effective Language's programs enable learners to have interesting conversations from day one. As their skills improve, they can have conversations with more people.

Once a learner has mastered the fundamentals of the language, they will be able to have a conversation with most well educated foreigners using foreign language grammar with English nouns, verbs and adjectives as needed. As their vocabulary improves, they will eventually gain the ability to communicate with any foreign language speaker, without need for a dictionary. Since our learners can always discuss the topics that interest them, they can practice more easily than others, and therefore develop their skills more quickly.

Both our method and traditional methods eventually lead to the same spot: the ability to communicate fluently with anyone about anything. Ours just achieves that goal a few years earlier.

No difficulty

There's a skill to learning a foreign language. It's our job to package that skill into a product and deliver it to you. Our lessons break the learning process into such fundamental actions that you can't go wrong. Our products give you laughably easy directions, you follow the directions, and your brain develops the ability to speak the foreign language. There is no difficulty.