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The following conversation would be reasonable for students who have completed Unit One. Italicized words would be spoken in English, or looked up from a dictionary while speaking. Everything else would be pure Chinese. (If this mixing of English and Chinese seems bizarre, please read our explanation of progressive immersion).

Example Dialogue After Unit One (30 Days)

How do you study Chinese?

I use Effective Language's audio programs. Originally I used a product that wasn't as good. Every day I learned a few words, but by the time I studied the next lesson, I'd already forgotten the previous lesson's words. Even though they teach fewer words, I like Effective Language's method better because I remember everything. Furthermore, the words they teach are all useful. The other program taught too many words that I really don't know when I'd ever need to use.

Should everyone use this kind of lesson?

If you really want to learn how to speak, you definitely ought to use these lessons. Otherwise you'll learn a lot of words, but when it comes time to speak a sentence, you just won't know how to say it.

Do you want to continue studying?

Definitely. I didn't expect learning Chinese would be so easy. In fact, I had thought that Chinese was a relatively difficult language.

But you use some English words in your Chinese sentences, right? If you go to China will you be able to communicate?

Over there, a lot of people study a little bit of English. Of the English words I use, they will surely understand a few. The others I can lookup in a dictionary.


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