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Effective Language's Mandarin Chinese: Unit One

Have Chinese speaking friends?

Hope to be fluent one day?

But don't think you have the gift for languages?

If so, make this the first lesson you use to embark on a life long experience speaking Mandarin Chinese.

Always interesting, always easy, always effective

Unlike traditional lessons that may spend months teaching introductions and hotel reservations, our lessons use a unique progressive immersion strategy to ensure that you can speak with your friends about topics that interest you from the very first day.

And, like Simon & Schuster's Pimsleur language programs, our lessons are designed with the psychology of memorization in mind, so that the constructs you learn stay in your mind with no effort or drill on your part.

As anyone who's done it can tell you, learning a language requires practice. Our lessons will leave you feeling excitement, enjoyment, and comfort when practicing your new language, not frustration. We give you not just the mindset and learning strategy, but also the foundation you need for success.

What you'll learn and how you'll learn it

Let's face it, it's not possible to achieve fluency in 30 days. As your first Chinese course, we'll teach you to become comfortable speaking to your friends in Chinese, using Chinese grammar. By the end of the 30 days of lessons, we leave you with a comfort level, a strategy, and structural foundation that will have you enjoying the years of future conversations and practice with your friends that will make you fluent.

Instructions for learner

Instructions for companions

Vocabulary list and notes (PDF)

Example dialogue

While we have no relationship with or endorsement from either Simon and Schuster or Paul Pimsleur, our products do take into consideration the findings of Paul Pimsleur's 1967 article in the journal "Modern Language Journal", entitled "a memory schedule", upon which Simon and Schuster's programs appear to us to be based. We also take into account assorted findings of the four decades of study of the psychology of memory since that article and findings of our own.

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