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Effective Language's Japanese Assistant

Japanese Assistant is a software application for intermediate to advanced learners of Japanese. The first edition provides a fast, effective way for the learner to look up Japanese words that he or she hears or sees in documents, e-mail, or on the web, with future editions providing a progressively more complete solution for managing vocabulary acquisition from such sources.

What does it do?

This tool helps students of Japanese look up Japanese just a little bit faster by:

  • Automatically looking up words immediately when they are copied into the clipboard from most applications (like Microsoft Office or Microsoft Internet Explorer)
  • Automatically conjugating words to their dictionary form
  • Automatically finding words that "sound like" the hiragana that the user types (choose "Sound" from the menu)
  • Automatically breaking down a sentence into possible words (choose "Sentence" from the menu)

Note: "Sound" mode and especially "Sentence" mode are slow compared to "Normal" mode, and become much slower when longer input is used.
Note: All input must be in katakana, hiragana, or Kanji. Romaji input is not supported.

What does it cost?

Effective Language's Japanese Assistant may be downloaded and used for free. We request that you pay a nominal fee of $5 or more if you use the product for more than one week.

What kind of system does it require?

Japanese Assistant requires Windows XP and Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. If Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is not installed on your machine, the installer will assist you to install it.

The installer is around 70 megabytes, and the installed file is approximately 200 megabytes.

 Get it from CNET Download.com!

After using the software for a week, use the link below to pay the amount you feel the program is worth to you. We recommend payment of at least $5 for students, at least $20 for professionals. Please enter "Japanese Tool" in the "payment for" box.