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Effective Language's Chinese Plug-in for Japanese Assistant

With this plug-in for Japanese Assistant, you can now apply all the benefits of Japanese Assistant to Chinese too.

What does it do?

This tool helps students of Chinese look up Chinese just a little bit faster by:

  • Automatically looking up words immediately when they are copied into the clipboard from most applications (like Microsoft Office or Microsoft Internet Explorer)
  • Automatically breaking down a sentence into possible words (choose "Sentence" from the menu)

Note: "Sentence" mode is slow compared to "Normal" mode, and becomes much slower when longer input is used.

How to install the plug-in

After installing Effective Language's Japanese Assistant version 1.2, download the Chinese dictionary plug-in archive. Open the archive and copy all of the contents to the directory where Japanese Assistant is installed. On a typical computer, this directory is "c:\Program Files\Effective Language\Japanese Tool\"

What kind of system does it require?

Japanese Assistant requires Windows XP and Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. If Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is not installed on your machine, the installer will assist you to install it.

The installer is around 70 megabytes, and the installed file is approximately 200 megabytes. The chinese dictionary plug-in is an additional 4.5 megabyte download and uses 16 megabytes of disk space after installation.


 Download Chinese Plug-in now

The Chinese Dictionary Plug-In for Japanese Assistant is a conversion of the CEDICT dictionary data to a format useable by Japanese Assistant. It is therefore covered by the copyright and license agreement that can be found here.