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Effective Language's Mandarin Chinese, Unit 1

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Don't think you have the gift for languages?

Make this the first lesson you use to embark on a life long experience speaking Mandarin Chinese.

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These 30 audio lessons use our progressive immersion strategy to help you speak with your Chinese friends about topics that interest you from the very first day. And, like Simon & Schuster's Pimsleur language programs, Effective Language's Mandarin Chinese leverages the psychology of memorization, so that the constructs you learn stay in your memory naturally — no effort or drill on your part.

In all, these lessons will leave you feeling excitement, enjoyment, and comfort when practicing your new language.

Effective Language's Japanese Tool

This software application for intermediate to advanced learners of Japanese provides a fast, effective way for the learner to look up Japanese words from documents, e-mail, or the web.

Includes sounds-like lookup, sentence breaking, and automatic conjugation to dictionary form.

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Effective Language's Chinese plug-in for Japanese Tool

Our latest version of Japanese Tool, version 1.2, can now support Chinese/English lookup with this plug-in dictionary. First download the Japanese Tool then download the Chinese dictionary.

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While we have no relationship with or endorsement from either Simon and Schuster or Paul Pimsleur, our products do take into consideration the findings of Paul Pimsleur's 1967 article in the journal "Modern Language Journal", entitled "a memory schedule", upon which Simon and Schuster's programs appear to us to be based. We also take into account assorted findings of the four decades of study of the psychology of memory since that article and findings of our own.

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